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Then heated for 40seconds with my heat gun at position 2. If your looking for the version of this part for 65 watt AC adapters please click here for our PJ The laptop will only run with 1 -2 gig chip. Try reconnecting the memory module. Restore the operating system back to the day when it worked properly. Sounds like you have stuck keys. I have 2 Acer laptops with basically the same problem.

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Did a similar thing to my old hp dv Hi, i have an aspirecore duo 1.

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Anyone have any ideas or potential backdoors for Phoniex acer aspire 9303wsmi. Thank you for posting this. Now my two questions are…do you have instructions on how to install a new drive?

Gibby4 May 17, But I have not run high-definition movies yet. I have a post dedicated to white screen problem: Power Supply February 24, I downgraded to version 2. Any idea what it could be?

Ramu Kumar Beldar March 7, Remove one and test acer aspire 9303wsmi laptop, then acer aspire 9303wsmi the second one and test again. It sounds like it is running. The last repair was a Toshiba, so it works for more than HPs.

I called acer to purchase recovery disk and when I acer aspire 9303wsmi them they went through the apsire but when it said at the end, the loading acer aspire 9303wsmi files it went to a blank screen and the fan still runs. Meghan Fish June 27, This the second time to fix my motherboard, first time i sent it for repair via ebay and second time, i fixed it by myself.

I found this video explaining how to apply liquid flux under the chip. Then Ill do the heat gun fix! Great tutorial and well photographed! To answer your question it does not see any hard drives or cd-rom drives acer aspire 9303wsmi the bios.

I think that the keyboard works but I have no idea where to purchase the clips you acer aspire 9303wsmi in step 7.

I have a problem with aspiee Logitech built in webcam. Let it settle for a few minutes, tried it out before reassembling the laptop, it worked. Will it make continuing series of load beeps on startup when the internal keyboard is disconnected from the motherboard? I have a problem with my acer acer aspire 9303wsmi …when connect any USB cam, pendrive, external, etc.

Try reconnecting the acer aspire 9303wsmi module.

Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

The inverter works like a power supply for the backlight lamp. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong. If I take it apart, what would i need to look acer aspire 9303wsmi in terms of what to fix?

If you can, you might have a software related problem. The result is the same dim screen. I need to reset the BIOS password.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip | Laptop Repair

It now works flawlessly. I have an Acer Aspire acer aspire 9303wsmi i want to know if ill work without a wi-fi card, because i lost it one time that i tried to change it… pleae answer me via email!!! There are two positions for the switch. I took aspier acer aspire 9303wsmi off the back of my acer and used a knife to 9303wemi some dust inbetween the fan and the bronze part and my computer is running much faster now. Why would you reflow the processor?

Try replacing the hard drive.

Is it safe or will I likely break the whole computer? After a lot of questions and answers I believe acer aspire 9303wsmi I isolated the problem to a full size USB keyboard the musical variety that he had plugged into both of the laptops. Filesponge March 8, Thanks a lot for this tutorials, I happen to have the same model of this Acer Notebook, so it was pretty acer aspire 9303wsmi to acerr a tutorial ace taking it apart.

For use with 65 watt 3. First the wireless adapter failed, a week later the screen had no video. I am actually been sending my clients laptop into a repair shop every time i encounter this problem, and i am not getting any clue acwr to how they are doing acer aspire 9303wsmi 9303wwmi they are hiding it from me, may be because they know how easy it is to learn.

I just used this method on my Dell Studio and it worked. Andy May 25, I appreciate any acer aspire 9303wsmi, already got the usb-keyboard idea by reading the earlier comments, thanks.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip

You can remove thermal grease using alcohol swabs. Reinstall Windows from the recovery disc. Aaspire, my acer has problems with the keyboard, touchpad and us ports.