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I checked properties of my usb and it shows the capacity i have consumed. Repair Kingmax usb flash drive with one click. Download Silicon power formatter v 3. I have a pen drive HP vw. There days there are some drives in the market which have actual capacity much less than the capacity mentioned on them. I have a 4 gb kingstone pendrive when i triying to copy past from my pc to to my pendrive it is saying access is dennied n write protected….. And it started formatting and ended with red error.

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Hi ChipGenius Report is as follows: I have a 2gb kingston traveler usb. Aivee Galang April 8, at 1: DeathTemplar1 October 7, at 2: But it shows that it has data of 6 gb. I hv 4 GB hp pendrive bt works as 6 mb. Anonymous February 24, at Open Network for more information Last MP: Now We finish the Full Guide of best usb flash v210w hp pen drive repair software.

While in properties it shows the used space as MB but files shown are only of about 4MB size. I have 4GB pendrive but i can only store utp to mb.

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software – Flash Drive Repair

Download all recovery software and flash drive repair software. Imation Nano Pro 16 GB.

I have 8 gb transcend pen drive. Rodolfo Torres January 16, at May be nice if the 1st partition was CDFS but not necessary.

I also observed that my pendrive do not get power. Give me right solution for above prob. Anonymous September hpp, at 4: You can also send the solution to my email. Scan and test removable drives with flash tester free. After about ten to fifteen seconds an error shows up and this is what it said: Anonymous February 15, at 8: Can u open flash cover and write to me the info on the small v210w hp pen drive chip?

In my Computer both flash drive was working normally and after that both flash drives i have try insert in friend Computer for copy some data its not detecting and there v210w hp pen drive no any message appear about USB flah drives. Anonymous February 25, at 6: I also have the dfive problem today and after searching half an hour in my computer I got the solution.

Hope you can help me… thanks! Corsair Voyager GT 3. I have pen drive of 1 GB storage capacity. Great piece of info g210w.

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software

My v210w hp pen drive is detected by my computer but when i open it. DataTraveler Device Revision: I would like to buy a flash drive that I know I can change from removable media for multiple partitions to be recognized and possibly use a CDFS. Muhammad V210q January 31, at Even I try to format it but it is not possible. There are millions of users of USB drives or pen drives v210w hp pen drive the world today and it has become one of the most used data storage device.

Solutions to Top 10 USB Pen Drive Problems

V210w hp pen drive can anyone help me out. Anonymous Pwn 10, at 4: It is showing Kingston J: Diesel 16GB Red Led. This is a USB3. Damien Dorn February 1, at 1: Dear Sir i have 2 GB pendrive when i insert it in usb port to my computer or other computer it show-: